Pleasantly surprising Wembanyama report should excite Spurs fans

NBA Insider Shams Charania revealed what San Antonio Spurs Rookie of the Year, Victor Wembanyama, is up to this offseason.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / SUZANNE CORDEIRO/GettyImages

When San Antonio Spurs' first-overall pick, Victor Wembanyama, won Rookie of the Year, he had an interview on Inside the NBA. During their discussion, Shaq asked Victor what he planned on working on to improve his game over the summer. The French phenom gave somewhat of a broad answer, careful not to reveal any specifics of his development plan but he did reveal that he and his team have had an offseason plan prepared months in advance.

That preparation aligns with the level of determination Wembanyama continues to show every step of the way, so it's not surprising. The revelation was staggering that the league's shot-blocking leader didn't take much of a break after the season despite a long year of basketball and additional obligations.

Victor Wembanyama constantly chooses greatness

Wembanyama is clearly not worried about rest right now. He would have every right to after the whirlwind of a year he has had, yet he has chosen to get back to work, confirming that he is "The One" every step of the way. The benefits of your star player displaying this kind of work ethic are immeasurable. It motivates the entire organization to put their best foot forward.

General Manager Brian Wright has raved about Vic's character just as much, if not more than his skills on the basketball court. San Antonio is fortunate to have such a dedicated talent, determined to be great wearing silver and black but the best part is that based on his own words, he feels just as fortunate to be a part of the Spurs organization. It's a match made in Heaven.