NBA Power Forward Tier List: Where does Jeremy Sochan rank?

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Tier Three: Certified Starters

With a strong sophomore season, Sochan could climb up to the third-tier team, which is meant for above-average average starters. Near the top of this tier is a pair of championship power forwards, Aaron Gordon and Draymond Green.

9.) Aaron Gordon
10.) Draymond Green 
11.) Evan Mobley
12.) Paolo Banchero
13.) Jerami Grant
14.) Miles Bridges
15.) Tobias Harris

Both players should serve as player models for Sochan, with each known for their versatility on both sides of the ball. Two players who may not be in this tier for long are Paolo Banchero and Evan Mobley. Both of them are seen as future stars, and each of them is still in their early 20s, giving them a lot of room to grow. Sochan does too, but his ceiling isn't nearly as high.

Still, if he can develop into a good shooter, it could unlock his game and allow the Spurs to use him in a number of interesting ways. Now that the Spurs have Wembanyama, those possibilities have only increased, and Sochan could soon level up and join the top half of power forwards.