Spurs insider shares exciting news on Jeremy Sochan's development

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Next season can't come soon enough for fans of the San Antonio Spurs, who will have plenty of exciting young players to watch. One of which is Jeremy Sochan, the Spurs' 2022 9th overall pick, who quickly established himself as a keeper. Aside from his ever-changing hair and versatility, Sochan set himself apart as a rookie by attempting free throws one-handed.

Taking one-handed free throws was meant to improve his shooting form, and not only did he shoot better at the line after making the change, but it appears to have had its intended effect. According to Spurs Insider Matthew Tynan of Corporate Knowledge, Sochan's jumper looked much improved during offseason workouts, which should hopefully translate to better percentages on mid-range and outside shots next season. If that is the case, then his value to the team could skyrocket since his shot has been the only real question mark about his game.

How would Sochan's improved jump shot help the Spurs?

Number one pick Victor Wembanyama is projected to start at power forward next season, while Zach Collins will likely start at center. That will almost certainly push Sochan to the bench, where he will become the team's new sixth man. With an improved shot, he could seamlessly fit playing next to Wembanyama or Collins, giving each lineup better spacing, with opposing teams unable to cheat off Sochan to pack the paint.

Even if they do, he could knock down open shots until they don't. The team could even use him in pin-downs if he proves effective shooting from mid-range. All of that is certainly exciting, but the biggest impact that his shooting could have is on his ceiling as a player. His skill set is already rare, and there are even fewer players who can shoot above league average on a high volume of 3-point attempts.

Doing so would give him all-star potential and also raise the Spurs' already high ceiling since he will be playing alongside Wembanyama, who will be the Spurs' centerpiece going forward. Ultimately, we will soon see Sochan's shot in action, with preseason roughly a month away. Assuming Tynan is right, he could be in for a terrific sophomore season.