NBA Draft: 1 crucial skill each player mocked to the Spurs would provide

The San Antonio Spurs' season is almost over and their attention will turn to the draft. Here's a look at several prospects who've been linked to them so far.
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1) Nikola Topic: Passing

The Spurs' clear flaw this season has been getting their best player, Victor Wembanyama, the ball in key positions. As a result, the team has frequently been projected to select Nikola Topic with their pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

If that is the case, then he would provide an immediate boost at point guard, their weakest position, but he may not start right away, especially if they make a trade for an established starter. Even still, adding a 19-year-old, 6'6 point guard with terrific court vision and impressive upside could be a smart move for the Spurs long-term.

His size at his position and his knack for getting to the rim are intriguing and could make life easier on Wembanyama, getting him the ball in the right spots. Wembanyama getting high-percentage looks would not only help the offense but also draw more defensive attention and make things easier for the likes of Devin Vassell.

Topic does have flaws, namely, question marks regarding his defense but the Spurs need a point guard and he is possibly the best available one in this draft. As a result, San Antonio may very well select Topic on draft night.