NBA Draft: 1 crucial skill each player mocked to the Spurs would provide

The San Antonio Spurs' season is almost over and their attention will turn to the draft. Here's a look at several prospects who've been linked to them so far.

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4) Alexandre Saar: Defensive Versality

If the Spurs land the first or second overall pick in the NBA draft, then they could take Alexandre Saar. The 7'1 French big man is seen as having the biggest upside given his size, mobility, and skill. He projects himself to be a game-changing defensive player who can both protect the basket and also defend outside of the paint.

Offensively, he appears to have the touch and range to be a 3-point shooter or at least a pick-and-pop big man from 18 feet. He could also be a vertical spacer who can roll to the basket and catch alley-oops. That would certainly make Saar a highly intriguing player, though Wembanyama is projected to be the Super Saiyan Blue version of Saar.

Still, if drafting solely for talent, depending on where the Spurs' pick ends up, it may be hard to pass on him. His fit next to Wembanyama would be fascinating. If Wembanyama becomes the efficient high-volume shooter he looks like he can be and Saar can hit open threes, then the pairing could work, and they'd be a terror on both ends of the floor.

The defensive end of the floor is where their size and length would be a nightmare to score against. There might be better-fitting prospects and more pressing holes to fill but Saar may have the highest ceiling of any player in this draft.