Latest Wembanyama record-shattering performance foreshadowing future

San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama continues to break records and led his team to a victory over the Brooklyn Nets, raising questions about his ceiling.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

You quickly run out of hyperbole to laud Victor Wembanyama when watching this kid play basketball. It seemed like an exaggeration when ESPN insider, Brian Windhorst, stated that at least once a game, Victor will do something on the court that you have never seen before. He is a constant jaw-dropping experience creator, unlike any other player to have graced an NBA floor.

His gravity is apparent on both offense and defense. Players on opposing teams are constantly looking out for where he is positioned on the court because it only takes a second for him to make an impact; his superior quickness and freakish length allow it.

Wembanyama's big nights have not always led to victories for the Spurs because this young team is still learning how to win NBA games together. It is difficult. In the meantime, Victor is putting forth performances that are already telling his story.

Wembanyama's possibilities are endless

The recent conversation surrounding the rookie phenom is about whether or not he should be a viable Defensive Player of the Year candidate regardless of team record. He has already begun to push the boundaries of what fans thought was possible for a rookie. With nights like the one he had against Brooklyn, the consideration for what is possible for Victor has to extend further.

There is a lot that would need to happen for Victor Wembanyama to receive this honor, but to see a rookie put on display what he already has, there is nothing that anyone should put past this kid. He is etching his name in the history books with a permanent marker. Not many are going to be able to break some of the records that he has already made for himself.

In Derrick Rose's MVP season, he averaged 25 points, seven assists, and four rebounds. That was over a decade ago, and since the game has continued to evolve, those numbers are not as difficult to get to, especially for a big man. The question will be if the Spurs will move fast enough to put the requisite amount of talent around The Alien to give him a chance to chase that MVP trophy.