Keldon's latest statement should be huge relief to Spurs' front office

San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks / Elsa/GettyImages

When one has an embarrassment of riches, people wonder how the resources will be divided, stored, and utilized. The Scrooge McDuck level of riches enjoyed by the San Antonio Spurs is all due to their storied development team, which has an extensive track record of molding young talent. But as fans slide down this mountain of gold with glee, the one question that has permeated the minds of many is which starter will be relegated to the bench and whether it will cause any issues.

Keldon Johnson recently helped quell the angst circulating among fans worried about the possibility of a chasm forming between the Spurs and one of their key players. When asked if he would be open to coming off the bench, the 23-year-old forward had a simple answer, "Yeah, I just want to win." That reassuring response highlights the team-first culture in San Antonio that helped sustain two decades of excellence and reaped five championships as their reward.

Resurgence of the Sixth Man

The sixth man has always been important to San Antonio, but they made that role famous when they asked Manu Ginobili to embrace life coming off the bench. His sacrifice allowed the Spurs to trot out more flexible lineups without worrying about the dependability of their second unit. There were many reasons for the unparalleled success the Spurs enjoyed during the Big Three era, and the lack of ego from their Argentinian star was instrumental.

Keldon brings a uniquely infectious energy to the game when he's on the floor. His playstyle will only serve to enhance everyone around him. Taking the team's leading scorer and making him their sixth man will cause issues for opposing second units while boosting San Antonio's bench brigade. While the Spurs' coaching staff will ultimately make the decision on who gets placed on the bench, an ego-less Johnson has certainly eased the minds of many fans if he draws the short straw.