Jeremy Sochan social media post shows exactly what Spurs fans want to see

On Instagram, Jeremy Sochan released a video of himself working on a key piece of his game and San Antonio Spurs fans will love it.
Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Jeremy Sochan proved himself to be a valuable piece for the San Antonio Spurs last season. The team struggled all year but if you paid attention to improvements made during the year, you would see what player Sochan can turn into; a versatile defender with shutdown potential. The Spurs put the Polish sophomore on the opposing team's best player all throughout the year, with varying levels of success predicated on a myriad of factors but Jeremy did his job well.

It is easy to rush development as a franchise that has been used to winning for so long. Fans are eager to return to the mountaintop and that's natural. It is coming. Sochan will be a part of it if he continues to do the little things necessary to craft his game into a piece that will fit smoothly into San Antonio's puzzle. A recent video shared on his social media shows that he is working on doing just that.

Sochan shooting can be Spurs offense x-factor

He has quite a bit of work to do but the Baylor Bear has to improve his shooting from distance. He started the season shockingly well, with 41% from three over the first 20 games. It felt like he had turned a major corner but the number regressed substantially and he ended the year with an overall average percentage of 31.

That is an improvement from the 24% he shot in his rookie year so another jump is expected. Sochan knows how important it is to make defenses pay for sagging off of you and with the attention Victor Wembanyama receives, cashing in on those opportunities is imperative. The Spurs are expected to address some of their shooting woes in the draft.

If San Antonio adds players with more shooting prowess, Sochan will likely be the player opposing teams sag off. If he can elevate to a league-average shooter from three, he will also be the player causing the opposition the most frustration.