Jamal Crawford Supports Dejounte Murray as NBA All-Star

Gregg Popovich, Jamal Crawford
Gregg Popovich, Jamal Crawford / Stephen Dunn/GettyImages

We can add another high-profile proponent of Dejounte Murray being an All-Star this season to the list. Days after Zach LaVine endorsed the blossoming San Antonio Spurs point guard, legendary sixth man Jamal Crawford followed suit.

Murray has been on a tear this season and has stepped up his game even more in recent weeks with players out in health and safety protocols. On Wednesday, he put up an ultra-efficient 23 points, 14 assists, and 10 rebounds in just 30 minutes while committing only one turnover.

Dejounte's dazzling dime to Drew Eubanks in the third quarter was admired and shared by multiple huge Twitter accounts including The Athletic, Bleacher Report, and the NBA's main account. Leading up to the pass, the casual way Murray dribbled up the court with a little bit of flare caught Crawford's eye after the game.

Crawford had some of the best handles the NBA has ever seen throughout his 20-year career and also hails from Dejounte's hometown of Seattle. "Beach, we got an all star," said Crawford, referring to their shared high school, Rainier Beach.

Being in a small market, Murray will have to rely on being voted into the All-Star game as a reserve by the panel of head coaches who have 50% of the vote. While there has been a loud campaign for Murray to be voted in by fans, early returns have expectedly been far from encouraging.

Coach Popovich has repeatedly expressed how he knows Murray deserves an All-Star selection but has stated the Spurs' record likely won't get him in. Perhaps the attention from respected guys like Crawford can give him the attention he deserves if a spot opens up in the Western Conference guard position.

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NBA All-Star voting will conclude on Saturday, January 22 at midnight ET. The starters will be revealed on January 27th on TNT while the reserves (Murray's only real shot) will be revealed on February 3rd. Thursday, January 20th, is the last time you can vote for Murray while having your vote count twice.