Insightful Wembanyama comment tells fans everything they need to know

Victor Wembanyama is well aware that players have the desire to put him on a poster, but he sees that as more of a sign of respect than anything else.
Golden State Warriors  v San Antonio Spurs
Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama is well aware that he's one of the most sought-after highlight reel candidates. It appears that every electrifying playmaker has the desire to put the seven-foot-four rookie on the opposing end of their season mixtape. However, Victor sees it as more of a respectful honor to be in the crosshairs of most of the league.

Victor has a unique perspective on being a target

Only a few players can say they've dunked on Victor Wembanyama—almost enough to count a full hand. The shortlist of players includes Kai Jones, Ja Morant, Alperen Şengün, and most recently, Trayce Jackson-Davis. One common thing with these players is that they and their respective teams went utterly bonkers when completing the highlight.

However, Victor is unfazed by the urge that other players must put Wembanyama on their highlight reel. In fact, the number one overall pick sees that as more of a huge sign of respect than anything.

The poise that the 20-year-old carries as a rookie is unfathomable and unheard of. In a league where offense has completely overtaken the game, there is a lack of fearless defenders who are always ready to step up to the challenge and contest high-flying dunkers. Victor is a needle in a haystack—a fearless interior defender prepared to go toe-to-toe with everyone who steps in his path.

Victor knows being dunked on is a part of the game

Victor is acquainted with the costs that come with being someone who contests every dunk attempt, but that doesn't stop him from fiercely defending the rim. He knows that he will win some battles and lose others.

Every top defender gets put on a poster. Name one elite rim protector who hasn't been dunked on; you can't. It's only his rookie season, and the fearlessness that Wembanyama plays with will be fun to watch for a long time.