Insane stat shows how Wembanyama sets himself apart from the field

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors
San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama is a one-of-a-kind physical specimen that has been the main topic of discussion since he landed in the NBA. His 7-foot-3 frame and remarkable agility have captivated basketball fans and media alike. We have never seen someone with his unique build and skills. The young Frenchman provides us with a new highlight reel play almost daily that only adds to the intrigue surrounding him.

We have continually witnessed the absurd talent of the teenage phenom who earned the nickname "The Alien." Some analysts have likened his shooting ability to Kevin Durant, and the graphic below shows how even that lofty comparison to a living legend falls short. On average, Victor has a release point of nine feet and nine inches on his jump shot, higher than anyone else in the league.

As the Spurs continue their full-scale rebuild, Wembanyama will only continue refining his offensive repertoire in the coming years. Once his outstanding scoring skills intersect with his seemingly limitless physical abilities, he will become an unstoppable force on the court. It should be interesting to see how San Antonio and their front office construct a competitive roster around a generational prospect to maximize his best traits.

Wembanyama is shooting 33.3% from midrange and 27.5% from beyond the arc this season. It is simple to understand why the teenage prodigy tends to settle for contested jumpers, as it is nearly impossible for defenders to bother his ridiculously high release point. This approach has not yielded positive results, but with tweaks to his shot selection and his teammates becoming more adept at finding him at his favorite spots, success is within reach.