JJ Redick shares exciting text from Spurs staffer about Wembanyama

San Antonio Spurs Silver & Black Scrimmage
San Antonio Spurs Silver & Black Scrimmage / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick dropped a beautiful little gem in the middle of the latest episode of his podcast that should delight Spurs fans. He mentioned that a dear friend of his, who happens to be a member of San Antonio's front office, recently sent him a text about the unbelievable abilities of Victor Wembanyama that read something like this.

"Bro...Wemby does one or two things every day that I've never seen before. We have him in pick-and- roll coverage, and essentially, he's simultaneously at the level or in a blitz and in a drop."

This nameless staffer talking about how Wembanyama can do two things at once almost had Redick speechless, and no ordinary player should be capable of trapping ballhandlers and recovering to get a hand on the pocket pass. For those who are unfamiliar with all this terminology, all you need to know is the rookie phenom has the length and footspeed to defend the screener and facilitator in pick-and-roll actions. That is nothing short of incredible.

The fact that Wembanyama reportedly has the mobility and awareness to offer the Spurs this level of versatility is outstanding news. We can expect him to be an exceptional defender from day one while waiting for his already eye-opening offensive repertoire to expand. From what he has shown us thus far in the preseason, Victor might already be ahead of schedule.

Despite the bar being placed impossibly high for Victor Wembanyama before even making his official debut for the Silver and Black, he still seems to blow expectations out of the water every time he sets foot on the basketball court. The fact San Antonio, a small market, is getting national media attention on a daily basis is just one small example of how the talented teenager is transforming this franchise.