How Wembanyama's unprecedented skillset would put Spurs' rebuild into hyperdrive

Victor Wembanyama - Levallois Met 92 v Strasbourg - LNB Pro A
Victor Wembanyama - Levallois Met 92 v Strasbourg - LNB Pro A / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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How should the Spurs build around Wembanyama?

As fantastic of an advantage creator as Scoot Henderson is, Wembanyama likely has him beat purely based on scoring gravity around the bucket alone. Opposing defenses will have almost no choice but to collapse on Wembanyama when he receives an entry pass or drives into the paint himself, as he’s so long and crafty that finishing would be too easy for him otherwise.

This advantage makes Wembanyama’s development as a playmaker so instrumental. The Spurs already have multiple players that excel playing away from the ball, and they’ll have a chance to acquire even more through the draft. Wembanyama’s scoring gravity should theoretically create tons of open looks for those other players, so finding more spot-up and movement-shooting threats will be important when rounding out the roster.

The Spurs will likely still need a lead guard in a scenario where the team selects first overall. As an example in this draft, Michigan sophomore Kobe Bufkin strikes me as someone that can take on lead guard duties while still finding success on offense playing off the ball. Devin Vassell, Malaki Branham, Keldon Johnson, and Jeremy Sochan are all certainly capable of playing away from the ball as well, regardless of whether they find success through perimeter shooting (Branham and Vassell) or as cutters (Johnson and Sochan).

Much like Henderson, Wembanyama could benefit from having another big on the floor with him. Rather than face-guarding the opposing team's center on every possession, this would allow him to operate as a help defender. It would afford him the chance to spend more time on the perimeter on the offensive end.

Wembanyama’s two-way versatility would allow for nearly endless possibilities from a team-building perspective, and considering the Spurs have acquired multiple draft picks from the Dejounte Murray and Derrick White trades, San Antonio would be in a phenomenal position moving forward if Wembanyama joined the team.

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