NBA Draft: Spurs would see Scoot Henderson as much more than consolation prize

Scoot Henderson - 2023 NBA All Star - Jordan Rising Stars Game
Scoot Henderson - 2023 NBA All Star - Jordan Rising Stars Game / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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With the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery only days away, and after taking the time to dive deep into some of the draft’s top prospects, including the Thompson twins, Jarace Walker, Cam Whitmore, Taylor Hendricks, and others, it’s finally time to put the draft’s two most-hyped names under a microscope.

We’ve been hesitant all season long to talk about the two biggest names in this class—Scoot Henderson and Victor Wembanyama—and what they could bring to the Spurs because, well, the odds of them being in a Spurs uniform aren’t exactly in the team’s favor. San Antonio's odds of landing a top-two pick in the draft are only about 28%, meaning the chances of the Spurs selecting third overall in the draft or later is greater than 70%.

But there is a point when failing to entertain the possibility of having either player on the roster and showing fans what kind of impact they could have would be doing everyone a disservice. With the draft lottery right around the corner, that time has come, and we’re going to begin this conversation with a deeper dive into Henderson’s game.

There’s plenty of outstanding analysis on Henderson and Wembanyama out there, and I encourage fans to find that content and soak it all in. After all, these are two of the best draft prospects we’ve seen in quite a long time. But you’re likely here for Spurs content first and foremost, so this analysis will look at Henderson through a Silver and Black lens.

Here, we’ll go over Henderson’s strengths and areas for improvement moving forward. But we’ll also treat this as a team-building exercise and theorize about what kinds of players the Spurs may look to place around Henderson if they land him in the lottery, along with how the team’s current pieces fit next to him.