Grading a mock trade that sends Doug McDermott to New York

Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs
Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Overall, I would give the proposed trade a C-, and the only thing keeping it above a D is the inclusion of multiple picks. Two are better than one, after all. That being said, I think we can take the base of the trade and improve on it. 

Mock trade barely earns a C-

The Knicks need to give up some salary in the deal, and the Spurs have the room to take back a contract. That means Derrick Rose will most likely end up on the Spurs. That’s fine, as the Spurs have the means to cut him, or they could keep him around, let him play, and try to flip him before his contract expires at the end of next season for additional capital. The NBA is full of delusional people, and after seeing a player excel for one year, teams are prone to overpay. 

With the Spurs clearly asking for a first-round pick and the league wary to part with a fringe-lottery selection for an aging shooter, I want to offer New York some flexibility. 

If the Knicks value McDermott as two second-round picks, that falls in line with their reported value on Cam Reddish. Now, the Spurs value McDermott a bit more, so New York would have to include a first-round pick in exchange for San Antonio taking on Derrick Rose’s contract. The Knicks are also given a second-round pick to make their incoming value fairer. 

Updated trade gives the Spurs a bit more

With Dallas and New York both in the playoff picture by a threat at the moment, it’s only right that the Spurs receive the later pick of the two for McDermott. If either team spirals, the Knicks would not want to give up a 10-15th overall pick, but a 20-25th selection is much more fair, given McDermott’s role on his potential new team. 

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I’m not sure if the Knicks are willing to part with Reddish and a pick for McDermott, but if they’re serious about winning now, adding that type of player in exchange for two players who barely see the court and a late first-round pick makes sense to me.