Alamodome record shows why Spurs fans are special

San Antonio Spurs, Coyote
San Antonio Spurs, Coyote / Chris Covatta/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs are set to break an NBA record on Friday, as they sold 63,592 tickets for their matchup against Golden State at the Alamodome. That will be the most attended regular season game in NBA history, a feat that was previously dubbed “unbreakable.” 

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls set the previous record in Atlanta back in 1998. That Bulls’ team was one of the greatest teams ever assembled, and it’s fair to say that the 2023 Spurs and 2023 Warriors are a couple of steps below the Jordan and Pippen Bulls, right? 

If we wanted to, we could chalk up the 63,000-plus fans in attendance as victims of the “Curry effect.” That is, they wouldn’t show up unless Steph Curry played, as he is one of the biggest stars in the Association. But Curry was out for the second half of December, and when tickets were being bought, his availability for the game was still in question. It’s since been announced that he will play, but that’s not why fans are showing up.

Longtime Spurs fans are showing up for two reasons: to see their historically amazing team play and to party. The Spurs will open the doors at 4:30, two hours before tip-off, and then there 
will be plenty of post-game events for fans to enjoy.

Alamodome game demonstrates why the best fans live in Texas

This game is special. There are zero playoff implications, zero expectations the Spurs will win, and even zero expectations that the Spurs will keep it close. That’s why Spurs fans are the best in the world: after 20 years of dominance, fans are still eager to show up to watch a subpar product and support their favorite team. The crowd will be adorned in Gervin, Robinson, Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Bowen, Johnson, and Sochan jerseys. The past, present, and future of San Antonio basketball will all be represented, and this could be the first defining moment in a new era of San Antonio basketball. 

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There’s nothing like the feeling of the floor vibrating when a sold-out crowd all jumps to their feet, and this is the biggest crowd the NBA has ever seen. The Warriors are floundering, and the Spurs are no good, but for one night, I doubt that fans will care.