Could each Spur play on a championship team?

Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs
Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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We talk a lot about how far away the San Antonio Spurs are from legitimately competing for a title or a playoff spot and whether or not certain players will even be on the roster when the Spurs inevitably start to improve. We also talk about trading away veteran players to contenders for assets, but I think we tend to overestimate just how valuable those players are.

Long story short, do any current Spurs have a solid role on a championship team? It tells a lot about how far away the franchise is from winning anything meaningful. Let’s be honest: is Tre Jones a starter on a 60-win team? Would Keita Bates-Diop even get a single minute of action?

D Tier: Players who don’t even get a roster spot

Keita Bates-Diop, Gorgui Dieng, and Malaki Branham

Both Bates-Diop and Dieng are awesome veteran presences and amazing locker room guys, but when you already have a winning culture, everyone in the locker room should be positive both on and off the court. Neither is a juggernaut on either end of the court, and they wouldn’t contribute enough on the Nets, Bucks, Nuggets, or Grizzlies to earn minutes or even a roster spot.

Malaki Branham is a more interesting case. He is playing quite well for a late first-round selection and would probably be brought on as a two-way guy in case someone gets hurt. That way, if the contender stays healthy, Branham can stay in the G-League or get traded for a win-now player. I highly doubt he would ever see the court during ideal conditions on a championship-caliber team.