Grading the Devin Vassell, Spurs extension from both sides

The San Antonio Spurs and Devin Vassell agreed to a five-year contract extension. How should both sides feel after making the deal?

Devin Vassell, San Antonio Spurs and Tyler Herro, Miami Heat.
Devin Vassell, San Antonio Spurs and Tyler Herro, Miami Heat. / Manuel Velasquez/GettyImages
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First-round picks from the 2020 NBA Draft became eligible to sign rookie extensions in early July. That's part of the annual cycle of new contracts in the NBA, as players entering the fourth and final season of their rookie contracts can agree to an extension to kick in for their fifth year and beyond.

The top names from the 2020 Draft agreed to new deals immediately. Anthony Edwards, who went No. 1 in 2020 and made the All-Star Team last year, agreed to a $260 million maximum extension on July 3rd. LaMelo Ball, who made an All-Star Team in just his second season, agreed to the same max extension . Tyrese Haliburton inked the same deal, announced on July 1st. Desmond Bane agreed to a max deal without the "Rose Rule" incentives to potentially bump up the total, landing at $207 million over five seasons.

Curiously, the high-performing guard from the 2020 Lottery who did not agree to an extension in the first week of July was Devin Vassell. While the San Antonio Spurs were drafting French phenoms and using cap space to add future draft assets, word on a contract extension for Devin Vassell was quiet.

Devin Vassell agreed to a new extension

That finally changed on Monday, as it was reported that Vassell and the Spurs had agreed to a new five-year contract extension. The deal will reportedly be worth $135 million guaranteed, with possible incentives that could increase the number another $11 million to a maximum of $146 million over five seasons. The deal will kick in starting in 2024-25 and keeps him under contract through the 2028-29 season.

Was this a good deal for the Spurs? How did Vassell make out in this negotiation? Let's grade this deal for both sides and see who should be happiest now that the deal is complete.