Grading 7 Spurs NBA Draft prospects from ‘don't draft’ to ‘draft now’

The 2024 NBA Draft is less than a month away and we'll soon know who will join the San Antonio Spurs but who should they pick and who should they avoid?
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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4) Zaccharie Risacher

French forward Zacharrie Risacher has seen his draft stock seemingly recover after it dipped following a prolonged cold streak. He is still playing internationally, and that has worked to his advantage, with several big outings recently helping him stay in the mix to be selected in the top three.

There is a scenario where he falls to the Spurs at four if the Hawks and Wizards take either Saar or Clingan and the Rockets pick a player that we will discuss soon. That would be great for San Antonio, who'd get one of the better shooters in the draft and who would solidify their frontcourt of the future. Risacher would join Sochan and Wembanyama to form a massive frontline that is comparable to the Denver Nuggets.

Risacher is also considered to be a good defender and his size at 6'8 is similar to Sochan, possibly allowing the Spurs to switch certain matchups with Wembanyama there to lock down the paint. If the draft order were to break in San Antonio's favor and allow them to select Risacher, there is still a chance that one of the three guards we'll discuss next would also be available. Ensuring that they address their two biggest roster needs.