Grading 7 Spurs NBA Draft prospects from ‘don't draft’ to ‘draft now’

The 2024 NBA Draft is less than a month away and we'll soon know who will join the San Antonio Spurs but who should they pick and who should they avoid?
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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6) Alexandre Sarr

There's a scenario in which the projected number-one pick, Alexandre Sarr, falls to the Spurs at four, and it's a fascinating one. Donovan Clingan has been linked to the Atlanta Hawks at number one, while the Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets have also been seen as possibilities to select Zaccharie Risacher and Reed Sheppard.

In that scenario, the Spurs would have to choose whether to draft the 7'1 prospect. Saar is one of the few players who seemingly has star potential, though he may not fit the Spurs as well as other top prospects. The thought of him and Wembanyama forming a French version of the Twin Towers is tantalizing, to say the least.

After all, Saar has the skill set to be a terrific defender who can guard on the perimeter and challenge shots at the rim, but Wembanyama can do all of those things already. Saar also has the chance to be a stretch five who can score in the paint, something else Wembanyama already can.

Two of those players are technically better than one, but the Spurs are likely better off using the fourth and eighth picks to take the best-available point guard and small forward. That would allow them to shore up their weakest positions, so the Spurs shouldn't draft Saar in the unlikely event that he falls to them unless they move him in a deal to pick up an additional asset.