Grade the Trade: Spurs land star in proposed sizzling summer deal with Suns 

The San Antonio Spurs again failed to make the playoffs, giving them time to plan out their summer and a big trade with Phoenix may put them back in contention.
Devin Vassell, Victor Wembanyama
Devin Vassell, Victor Wembanyama / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Would the Spurs agree to the proposed deal with Suns? 

At 36 years old, Durant may seem like an odd addition to the up-and-coming Spurs. However, he is still among the top-tier scorers in the NBA, averaging a stellar 27.1 points per game this season while still being an effective defender.

With two seasons remaining on his contract, it's possible that he will continue to play up to that level the same way LeBron James has as he nears his 40s. Pairing an elite player like that with Wembanyama would give the Spurs a one-two punch, unlike anything the NBA has ever seen. Wembanyama, after all, has drawn comparisons to Durant, though he is 5 inches taller.

As far as Durant's potential fit, he'd slot in next to Wembanyama in the frontcourt. Though, given his elite shooting and Wembanyama's shooting potential, the Spurs could probably still play Jeremy Sochan with them.

Trading for Durant would preclude them from pursuing the likes of Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell, though there are conflicting reports of the team's interest. Instead, they can draft a point guard such as Nikola Topic, Reed Shepard, or Rob Dillingham, and also use their cap space to sign Tyus Jones, or better yet, Chris Paul if he shakes loose.

Having a playmaker who could get both Durant and Wembanyama the ball would be crucial to the pairing working on offense, and the Spurs would still have the assets to land one were they to acquire KD. They would also have significant defensive potential with the size of their frontcourt.

Despite that, if the Spurs were to make a major offseason deal, it would likely involve a player who is closer in age to their young core, with Durant being 16 years older than Wembanyama and 14 years older than Devin Vassell. As a result, the Spurs probably wouldn't have much interest in Durant.

Trade grade: B-