Grade the Trade: Spurs land Cavaliers star to give Wembanyama help in latest proposal

The San Antonio Spurs need to find a star to pair with VIctor Wembanyama, and the Cleveland Cavaliers may have just the player to target via trade.
Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers
Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Should the Spurs make this deal?

The San Antonio Spurs are likely feeling a lot of pressure from many sides right now. There's pressure to put a winning team around Victor Wembanyama as soon as possible. There's pressure not to commit assets and contract value to the wrong player. There is pressure to outbid other teams trying to make big swings.

The reality is that Victor Wembanyama is really good, but if the Spurs are concerned about proving to the French phenom that he can compete for titles in San Antonio, they are much better served by being patient and building the best team than by moving quickly and never reaching the heights he wants to pursue. The New Orleans Pelicans drafted Anthony Davis, went too fast and ultimately lost him.

With that in mind, the Spurs don't need to rush this decision. If a point guard like Darius Garland is the right pick, then they have the cap space and assets to go after him, and the cost is not punitive given their current flexibility. Garland represents an excellent buy-low opportunity for the right team and could regain his status as an All-Star guard (or more) on a team with a roster that fits better around him.

Does that mean this is the right trade to make for this player? That's a more difficult question to answer, as the Spurs would be giving up some premium assets. The idea of Garland snaking into the paint and tossing lobs to Wembanyama is a dazzling one. Would there be a better option out there for San Antonio? Perhaps, but it's not guaranteed; few things ever are in the NBA.

Darius Garland is an extremely talented player with a shaky recent past. The Spurs could trade for him and he could flourish; they could also be lowering their ceiling by making this move. It's a fine trade to make, but it's neither a sure thing nor a bargain. That makes it a more difficult deal to move forward with.

Grade: B