Fan's hypothetical draft day trade is absolute dream scenario for Spurs

Gregg Popovich
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The 2023 NBA Draft is weeks away, but it is already a forgone conclusion as to who the San Antonio Spurs will select with the first overall pick. 7-foot-4 center Victor Wembanyama will be their man, taking a lot of the intrigue and anticipation out of the process for basketball fans, though there was plenty of that leading up to the Draft Lottery. But according to a recent report, the Spurs are interested in acquiring a second first-round pick, and a tantalizing fan-made three-team trade proposal would allow San Antonio to do just that.

This three-team trade would be a win-win for all involved

With a treasure trove of picks, including 13 first-rounders in the next seven drafts, the Spurs can't use all of them. As a result, they shouldn't be shy about using some of those selections to move up in the draft to nab their man. In the hypothetical deal. San Antonio would trade two of the picks received in the Jakob Poeltl trade from Toronto—the 44th pick in this year's draft as well as a top six protected pick in 2024— to the Phoenix Suns. That would be compensation for them trading Deandre Ayton to the Dallas Mavericks and taking back Davis Bertans' contract.

They would also receive Reggie Bullock from the Mavs, while the Mavs would also receive a second-rounder from the Spurs via the Los Angeles Lakers. As their reward, Dallas would trade the Spurs the 10th overall pick, giving them the 1st, 10th, and 33rd selections in this year's draft. While the 10th pick may not be quite enough to select Amen Thompson—a player the team has been linked to—they may be able to select his brother Ausar Thompson, who has a similar skillset and is a better shooter. If he isn't available, then there are still a number of solid point guard options, including Jalen Hood-Schifino.

Hood-Schifino is regarded as a talented playmaker and defender who also has potential as a scorer thanks to his ability to get to the rim. Better yet, the Spurs would likely be able to pick him at 10, barring him moving up the draft board. Adding Hood-Schifino and re-signing Tre Jones, in addition to having Devonte' Graham and Blake Wesley already under contract, would give the Spurs plenty of depth at point guard. It would also give them room to grow with a rookie and a second-year player, as well as Jones and Graham still improving in their roles.

Ultimately, this three-team deal may actually make sense for all three teams, though it only takes one to say no to a potential trade. The Spurs might not, but they could instead look to make a different trade for a first-round pick rather than give up that intriguing 2024 Raptors selection. Or, they may stand pat and look to next year's draft for their point guard of the future. No matter what the Spurs decide to do, fans will have a lot to look forward to come draft time, including selecting a once-in-a-generation prospect in Wembanyama.

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