4 Prospects that could help the Spurs build around Wembanyama in the NBA Draft

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The 2023 NBA Draft is fast approaching, and while the San Antonio Spurs are a virtual lock to choose Victor Wembanyama with the first overall pick, their front office has several decisions on their plate as they build a roster that best suits their future superstar. Trades and free agents could bolster their rebuild, but that isn't their only pathway to long-term success.

Perhaps no team has a more illustrious resume of drafting and developing unrefined prospects than the Silver and Black, and general manager Brian Wright will have two second-rounders he could use in numerous ways. He could invest in multiple upside swings or package the picks, and this class has plenty of talent that complements Wembanyama on both ends.

. Sophomore, 21.1 yrs. SG. player. . 6'5", 195 lbs. Jordan Hawkins. 2330

Jordan Hawkins experienced a drastic rise in his draft stock after a fruitful sophomore season where he helped lead UConn to their first national title since 2014. While San Antonio would probably have to trade back into the mid-first round to secure his services, the 6-foot-5 swingman could be an ideal fit as the front office builds a roster around Wembanyama.

The 21-year-old guard is a phenomenal floor spacer with a lightning-quick release, pristine mechanics, excellent footwork, and outstanding balance. He has the shot versatility to drain threes coming off dribble handoffs and screens or relocating in the half-court and transition, and his gravity as an elite off-ball shooter bends defenses as he stays in constant motion.

Although Hawkins is not a lockdown defender, he has the tools to develop into a net positive on that end of the court. He can cover either backcourt position, disturbs drives with his length, and navigates screens well in the pick-and-roll and when pursuing movement shooters. Even when his man beats him off the bounce, he can recover for solid rearview contests.