Exciting report suggests Wembanyama factor bringing new heights to San Antonio

ESPN's Andrew Lopez reported that NBA vets may be interested in playing alongside Victor Wembanyama for the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama, Kevin Durant
Victor Wembanyama, Kevin Durant / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

With less than two weeks to go before the 2024 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs continue to be the talk of the town this offseason. This is the new norm for Alamo City. Every summer, fans should expect to be bombarded with speculation about the direction of the franchise. It's a small price to pay for the services of Victor Wembanyama, as tiresome as it may be. The benefits of being a hot ticket far outweigh the negatives, and ESPN's Andrew Lopez proves that notion.

The Spurs are becoming one of the 'it' teams in the NBA

This isn't the first time fans have been treated to this type of report. It wasn't that long ago that Brian Windhorst suggested that San Antonio may become a free-agent destination for many of the league's finest players due to the Wembanyama factor. His gravity isn't just about pulling in defenders on the court; it's reeling in potential stars to team up with.

Usually, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are the center of rumors. Those are premier locations, so it's understandable, but the tide has changed. It's still odd to see because that wasn't the case when Tim Duncan was the leader of the team.

These reports about veterans wanting to join the Spurs, because they see Victor Wembanyama as a path to championships, are puzzling. If winning was truly the main motivation for NBA stars, why weren't they flocking to San Antonio years ago? But that's a question that will never receive an adequate answer, so it's best not to dwell.

Just appreciate the new attention the Silver and Black are primed to receive for the foreseeable future. The conversation is not going to quiet down as time goes on. Wembanyama's dominance won't allow that, so buckle up; the next 15 years are going to be a wild ride.