Dejounte Murray repeats exact same mistake that angered Spurs fans before

The San Antonio Spurs traded Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks years ago, and he continues to show why that was the best decision for the franchise.
Jeremy Sochan, Dejounte Murray
Jeremy Sochan, Dejounte Murray / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

As Brian Wright's plans come together, everything is coming up silver and black lately. Stephon Castle looks awesome in Summer League, Victor Wembanyama looks unbelievable in exhibition play for Team France, and Dejounte Murray continues to make the San Antonio Spurs' decision to trade him look like one of the smartest moves a general manager has ever made, especially considering what he got in return for him from the Atlanta Hawks.

As fans will remember, when the former Washington Husky was traded from Alamo City, he had a few choice words for Spurs fans on his way out. His comments were disrespectful to the franchise that helped develop him into the all-star player he became. Now that the Hawks have shipped him off to New Orleans, he decided to put on a repeat performance in a now-deleted tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter.)

Dejounte Murray still doesn't get it

There is an intangible maturity that the best athletes have and Murray is lacking it. Sometimes, guys evolve over the course of their careers, realizing that selflessness leads to positive results in team sports. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case here. The former first-rounder seems dead set on sending shots in his rearview mirror, and that is not the attitude a professional should be displaying, especially at 27 years old.

Many fans wanted Dejounte Murray to return to the 2-1-0, amid rumors of his imminent departure from Atlanta. The front office was said to have legitimate interest in a reunion. However, one can never know if there was any truth to those whispers. San Antonio runs more misdirection than a Kyle Shanahan offense. But whether they were real or not, it's clear they dodged a deja vu bullet.