Dejounte Murray reacts to fan's prediction of Spurs NBA title

Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

While the 2022 NBA Playoffs roll along, many of the San Antonio Spurs are on vacation mode before they get to work on having a better 2022-23 season. Enjoying a much-needed break after his first All-Star appearance is Dejounte Murray, who had one of the best statistical regular seasons in franchise history.

Murray's near triple-double average propelled the Spurs to the NBA Play-In Tournament in a rebuilding year, where they eventually fell short but showed they will have playoff potential after some much-needed offseason additions.

Still, Spurs fans and the players themselves know it's a process, and they likely will need a few years to get everything together for a serious championship run.

Not everyone is buying into it taking that long though.

While relaxing in Tulum, Mexico, Murray ran into a fan that thinks the Spurs' timeline for another title is much closer than many believe.

"Hey, next year, champions, baby!" said a fan Murray brought onto his live stream on Sunday. "Tell 'em, tell 'em! Tell 'em, bro!"

Dejounte didn't quite do so, though, instead responding, "You tell them!"

I can't claim to know what's going on in Murray's mind, but I have a feeling he didn't want to be aggregated into articles saying things like, "Dejounte predicts Spurs to win the 2023 NBA title." Also, if I was in his shoes, I'd obviously have confidence in myself and my teammates while still holding realistic expectations considering there's still a lot of work to do this offseason.

Still, Murray at least confirmed he'll be putting in work this summer, which is something we all have come to expect from someone with his drive and passion for the game.

There's no doubt Dejounte is excited to see a revamped roster this summer, perhaps one including his hometown friend, Zach LaVine, joining the cause as an unrestricted free agent. Last week, he tweeted an image of LaVine in a Spurs jersey, which got the NBA world talking.

While pursuing LaVine is just one of many directions San Antonio can go over the next few months, it's good to have the team's leader locked down through 2024 regardless.

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Who knows? If the Spurs knock it out of the park through the draft and free agency, that fan might not be so far off in his prediction after all.