Considering Andrew Wiggins in a Spurs uniform after trade rumors

Marc Stein reported that the Golden State Warriors may be open to shopping Andrew Wiggins. Should the Spurs make an offer?
Keldon Johnson, Andrew Wiggins
Keldon Johnson, Andrew Wiggins / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Marc Stein has reported that the Golden State Warriors may be interested in moving Wiggins. The move is supposedly an effort to clear more room for Jonathan Kuminga, who recently expressed frustration with his playing time. Wiggins has been the subject of much ire from Golden State fans, as this has not been his best season. Trading him would likely be welcomed by their fan base, which, in this case, means it would be detrimental for the San Antonio Spurs to be on the receiving end.

What a phenomenal question from Mr. Charles Entertainment Cheese. In 11 of a possible 32 games in which Wiggins was active, he scored single digits. He is averaging 11 ppg this season but he is a career 18 ppg scorer. This season, Golden State has struggled immensely. They are currently 12th in the Western Conference standings and 10th in points per game after being second in that category last year.

Wiggins has always been inconsistent but things are worse than ever

It has to be frustrating for the Warriors fans to have a guy who played so well in the 2022 Finals that there was consideration for him as the Finals MVP, playing so poorly now. What's even worse is playing so bad that you become the butt of jokes generating a ton of attention on NBA twitter.

That's just embarrassing. His defense is supposed to be something he can fall back on but he is currently posting a 120.2 defensive rating. That is horrendous.

Andrew Wiggins is in the first year of a four-year contract with a player option in the final year. He has exhibited a low basketball IQ too many times to think he would be in the Spurs plans long-term and picking him up to flip him for something else would be like trying to flip a Dreamcast gaming system and sell it to a kid. Yeah, it had a few cool games in the past but that time is gone so what are we doing here? There is no reason to give up any assets for him. Hard pass.