Young, disgruntled athlete may provide huge opportunity for Spurs trade

Jonathan Kuminga is an appealing trade prospect but making a move for the Golden State Warriors disgruntled forward could complicate things in San Antonio.
Cedi Osman, Jonathan Kuminga
Cedi Osman, Jonathan Kuminga / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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As one of the most winning franchises of the 2000s, the Golden State Warriors are perpetually under the microscope of the national media. Title contenders for the past decade, the Warriors now face a different kind of scrutiny. After a bumpy and underwhelming start to the season, the wheels have fallen off in San Francisco, and players are starting to voice their concerns.

Between Draymond Green's suspension, Klay Thompson struggling through the worst season of his career, and the team teetering on the edge of making the play-in tournament, the Warriors have a lot of work to do to turn their season around. And that's not all; the latest blow to fall has been the reported very open frustrations of two of Golden State's youngest players, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody.

Shams Charania broke the news on Kuminga, and Jason Dumas was the first to report on Moody's frustrations. The sources are different but the vibe from each player is roughly the same—both Kuminga and Moody are frustrated with their lack of a defined role and are seemingly questioning their futures in Golden State.

Trading for either player should be on the San Antonio Spurs' radar. But of the two, Kuminga shows more promise, and that's who the Spurs should be focusing on. But while trading for a young player with as much promise as Kuminga seems appealing on its face, the details of what it would take to make it happen should make Brian Wright stop and consider if this is a path the team should seriously go down.