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When evaluating the 14th-place Austin Spurs, one could argue their NBA-ready talent is scarce. Perhaps that is a fair statement, depending on how you define that word. If the developmental team has at least one, maybe two players, who consistently show they could benefit San Antonio, the term scarce can be effectively eliminated from the conversation. And when a G League affiliate has three or more ballers equipped to handle rotation minutes in the NBA, go ahead and call the cupboard bare no more.

Austin has three prospects who are arguably NBA-ready for the five-time champion San Antonio Spurs. They have all displayed plenty of potential to contribute meaningful skills to the big league rotation, and fans should keep an eye on them.

Brandon Randolph

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Second-year shooting guard Brandon Randolph out of Arizona is starting to showcase his athleticism. This breakaway dunk is genuinely impressive at any level. Randolph caught San Antonio's eye with his raw talent a few months ago. Suddenly those skills don't seem so rough around the edges, which can only mean he is developing. And historically speaking, developing unpolished prospects happens to be the Spurs' specialty.

Randolph is simply a fun player to watch when he is on the court. Aside from being a gifted athlete, the 25-year-old swingman's most compelling attribute is his quickness. A rapidly improving athletic dunker with speed for days? Sign me up, folks.

Jordan Hall

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Hall is a supersized point guard who went undrafted last year. The Silver and Black added him to their Summer League roster, eventually signing him to a two-way contract where he suited up for nine NBA games with San Antonio in November before being released. The front office saw enough to keep him around, eventually signing him to their Austin affiliate after the waiver dust settled.

Snagging Hall off the open market appears to have been a wise move by the franchise. Hall has continued making developmental strides in Austin, averaging a solid stat line of 10.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game in 25 appearances. Standing six-foot-seven, Hall has incredible offensive upside if these numbers remain consistent and gradually increase.

Justin Kier

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Justin Kier is another undrafted rookie guard out of Arizona that is showing some promise with his consistency. During his junior year, Kier was named the Most Improved Player of the Year in the Atlantic-10 Conference. That accolade from his college days is meaningful because it shows Kier is coachable. And if coached correctly, he could pay dividends for his ball club.

Kier is almost the opposite of the guard we see in Jordan Hall. He is much shorter than his fellow rookie, which allows him to stay lower to the court and maintain control of the ball in a way that is occasionally reminiscent of Avery Johnson. His nightly numbers are encouraging, and continuous improvement seems inevitable for this young ball player.

The beauty of the G League is that players like the ones we discussed today may very well be household names at some point down the road. Even more encouraging is these three prospects are still in the infancy of their basketball careers, surrounded by a legendary Spurs developmental staff that most people consider the best in the business.

Be patient, Spurs fans. The future is bright for San Antonio.

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