San Antonio Spurs History

Building an All-Time starting five of the Spurs' rivals

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs / GABRIEL BOUYS/GettyImages
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Throughout their dynasty of excellence that gave the San Antonio Spurs claim to the greatest sports team, the franchise left behind their fair share of enemies. Most were beaten down by the Spurs at least once on their way to a title, and some had a legitimate beef with the franchise.

It would be easy to just create a roster with all of those Lakers teams that the Spurs faced, so to make this more difficult (and more interesting), I will not allow myself to pick more than one player from a single franchise. This helps add some different NBA eras, as well. The All-Spurs rival team spans three decades and includes more Hall of Famers than some entire franchises have. And the wild thing is, with one exception, the Spurs bested all of these players and won a championship during their peak. 

Point Guard - Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

Steve Nash won two MVPs during his time with the Phoenix Suns, but he remained ringless, mostly due to the Spurs and their run of dominance. From 2005-2012, the Suns made the playoffs five times and lost to the Spurs three times, only beating them in the Conference Finals in 2010.

It’s hard to say that the Spurs and Suns had a “rivalry” when the Spurs were clearly the dominant team, and the Spurs posted a 19-10 regular season record during Nash’s stint in Phoenix. The Suns probably feared the Spurs, as the Spurs nearly single-handily kept them out of the NBA Finals.

Adding Nash to the roster gives the team a pass-first guard who can open up some scoring options. As we’ll see, having a floor-general point guard will be a big positive for the rival team to create chances for the big-time scorers.