Blast from the Past: 4 former Spurs they must consider reuniting with

The San Antonio Spurs have several players around the NBA playing big roles on other teams, but which Spurs alumni should the team consider bringing back?

Victor Wembanyama
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1) Dejounte Murray

With San Antonio rumored to be interested in Atlanta Hawks all-star guard Trae Young, all attention has been shifted away from former Spur Dejounte Murray. The Spurs should definitely prioritize Young over Murray, but Murray would still be a terrific upgrade over what they have now at point guard.

He'd not only cost less in terms of salary going forward, but he would also probably cost less in terms of assets. The Hawks were reportedly looking for a young starter and two firsts for Murray, while Atlanta may expect four or five firsts for Young.

Young is clearly the better player, but there is an argument to be made for trading for Murray and keeping two or three future first-round picks, which may be lottery selections. After all, he has plenty of experience playing under coach Gregg Popovich and even has plenty of experience playing with skilled big men.

He developed into a terrific pick-and-roll point guard playing with LaMarcus Aldridge and could be the player who helps unlock Wembanyama's full potential. He has even expanded his game, going from being a good mid-range shooter to a good, high-volume 3-point shooter, which should help him play off Wembanyama.

There are some personality concerns with Murray, especially with how he's conducted himself in Atlanta. Despite that, he didn't have those issues in San Antonio, so that may not be a concern were he to be traded back to the Spurs.