San Antonio bar offers trade Spurs fans would love

San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan
San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan / J Pat Carter/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs were truly spoiled by the consistency of Tim Duncan, and one local bar wants to give the basketball Gods a tempting offer for his return.

Since Duncan's retirement, San Antonio has finished the regular season below .500 in two of five seasons and are on their way to making it three of six. This season is beginning to look like the worst finish for Spurs basketball since the year before he was drafted.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the city is desperate for the days they could just sit back and watch The Big Fundamental dominate. Over the weekend, I was in downtown San Antonio and spotted this sign from a local sports bar.

"Willing to trade Thanksgiving for Tim Duncan," read the sign.

I got in touch with Phillip Huerta, the general manager of Maddy McMurphy's in downtown San Antonio, who came up with the trade offer along with his operations manager, Josh.

"We try to utilize the sign space for some comedic relief," he told me. "Everyone is going from Halloween straight to Christmas. I figured maybe we could get some value out of a veteran like Thanksgiving."

I didn't expect the image I shared to go semi-viral, but the engagement it got just goes to show you how beloved Tim Duncan was and always will be in the Alamo City.

"San Antonio, this is an absolute no-brainer. Sign the paperwork," said @davontae234a in response. "Thanksgiving for Tim Duncan is a STEAL," wrote @TheTyJager.

It's been a rough post-Duncan era over the last three seasons, but that's just another testament to how his steady excellence transcended the sport and helped bypass the regular cycle of a team having to rebuild every few years.

You can read much more about Duncan's legendary career by checking out my week-long Tim Duncan feature, beginning here with the top 10 opponents he dominated in his career.

Local Spurs fans can check out Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports bar online and keep their eyes peeled for more love for one of the best players the NBA has ever seen in the future.

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"There is already plenty of turkey for the end of the year," said Huerta. "But we'll never have enough of the GOAT!"