Analyzing Bleacher Report trade idea based on Spurs landing top draft pick

Bleacher Report's latest trade proposal for the San Antonio Spurs nets them Trae Young in exchange for the number one overall pick.
Victor Wembanyama, RaiQuan Gray, Julian Champagne
Victor Wembanyama, RaiQuan Gray, Julian Champagne / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Just when you thought the trade ideas for Trae Young might stop, here comes another one from Bleacher Report, who submitted proposals for each lottery team based on how each franchise should move if they were to acquire the number one overall pick. The San Antonio Spurs have become a popular topic in the basketball community. Everyone wants to know how the team will build around Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama.

Fans should prepare for these discussions to continue for the rest of the Alien's career. He is the obvious choice for the next face of the league and any player fortunate enough to wear that burden receives an extreme amount of coverage. If you asked a LeBron James fan what they think about the intense media attention Bron has experienced throughout his career, you would be there all day.

The next superstar team-up will always be the best move, so strap in for a lifetime of "what-if" conversations. As of now, the Spurs have team-building to do. They have many options due to the large number of draft picks at their disposal, so if a reasonable deal is proposed, it is necessary to consider it honestly.

The trade: Keldon Johnson, Malaki Branham, Devonte' Graham and two first-round picks (including No. 1) to the Atlanta Hawks for Trae Young - via Bleacher Report

This trade is a no-brainer for San Antonio

There is always a lot of talk from the fan base about the timeline for the Spurs and that is sensible. The franchise wants to build something sustainable. But there seems to be a misconception that the next piece of the puzzle needs to be younger than Victor Wembanyama to make that happen. That is not the case.

Trae Young is only 25 years old. Players don't usually hit their prime until about 27, so Young is not a finished product but needs to be in the right situation to reach his potential. Demar DeRozan is a prime example of an all-star player who admitted to learning valuable lessons from Coach Pop. Ice Trae's game could take off under the tutelage of the NBA's most-tenured coach and next to Wembanyama, his deep shooting becomes more deadly than ever.

While fans may miss Johnson, Branham and Graham, Trae Young is potentially a major key to unlocking the potential of this team. This draft is considered weak at the top anyway, so trading the number one pick is not a big deal and San Antonio has so many first-rounders that adding just one more should not stop progress. As long as they keep the Toronto Raptors first-rounder, the Spurs are in a perfect position to continue putting the ideal pieces together for a new dynasty.