Predicting the Spurs perfect starting lineup after a home run offseason

The San Antonio Spurs have the tools needed to speed up their rebuild, so what would their starting lineup look like if everything went right this summer?
Devin Vassell
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If things go the way San Antonio Spurs fans hope this summer, the team will make a series of moves that will speed up their rebuild and get them back into title contention. That appears possible with up to $25 million in cap space, at least one potential top-10 pick, and, of course, Victor Wembanyama to work with.

If the Spurs were to make full use of those assets and nail their offseason, how would that impact that roster? Let's go through and predict the Spurs' perfect starting lineup after a potentially huge summer.

Center: Victor Wembanyama

Starting with the most obvious position, Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama will slot in at center next season. After starting this season at power forward, many expected him to stay in that role for at least the next couple of seasons. Nevertheless, the team's 20-game losing streak forced the Spurs to try him out at center, and the results were staggering.

In 52 games at the five, he averaged an incredible 22.4 points, 11.0 rebounds, 3.9 blocks, and 4.4 assists while shooting 34.5% from three on 5.7 attempts per game. With numbers like that, the Spurs would be crazy to move him back to the four and instead see what he and the team can do with him at center full-time. Particularly with better players around him.

That would hopefully result in San Antonio making the play-in tournament in a stacked Western Conference, with Wembanyama leading the charge on both ends of the floor. On offense, he showed off improved shooting down the stretch, including hitting pull-ups and even step-back threes with impressive efficiency.

Give him better playmaking, and he could easily see his scoring jump from 21.4 points to around 27 points per game. We all know that Wembanyama will start at center, but who will play next to him at power forward next season?