Alex Sarr's Hawks controversy may end up helping the Spurs draft plans

The draft is almost here and as it draws closer, more intel comes out, proving the top of the draft isn't a lock and that may benefit the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The eagerly awaited NBA Draft is almost here, and as it draws closer, more and more intel continues to come out, suggesting that the top of the draft is far from a lock. That could be to the San Antonio Spurs' benefit, with the Atlanta Hawks, who own the number one pick, having trouble getting potential top pick Alexandre Sarr in to do workouts.

If he continues to play hard to get it, then the Hawks may indeed take Connecticut center Donovan Clingan first. That would likely result in Sarr going second to the Washington Wizards, Reed Sheppard going third to the Houston Rockets, and Zaccharie Risacher going fourth to the Spurs. That would be a great scenario for San Antonio, giving them an upgrade at one of their weakest positions, small forward, and adding shooting and perimeter defense in the process.

Can the San Antonio Spurs dream draft scenario come true?

While the likes of Stephon Castle and Devin Carter have been linked to the Spurs, they would still have a shot at selecting one of those players eighth. Either player would be a terrific pick, with Castle giving the team a versatile defensive player who can potentially play point guard or at least share playmaking responsibilities. Carter is the better shooter of the two, hitting 37.7% of his 5.6 3-point attempts per game for Providence.

He also proved to be a terrific finisher at the rim, making great use of his eye-popping 42-inch vertical leap. On the other end of the floor, he has a height of 6'3 and a wingspan of 6'9, allowing him to harass opposing guards and use his quickness to jump passing lanes.

Between Castle and Carter, Carter is the more likely player to be available. A draft duo of Carter and Risacher could immediately help the Spurs next season. Especially in the long term, giving them plenty of shooting and perimeter defense will make Victor Wembanyama's life easier. As a result, Spurs fans should be rooting for the chaos at the top of the draft board.