5 Unexpected skills Victor Wembanyama brings to the Spurs

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5. Win-Now Mentality

The Spurs are coming off the third-worst season in franchise history. But the team could be looking at one of the quickest rebuilds in league history after landing the first overall pick. Wembanyama is so skilled that some believe he will become an All-Star as a rookie. With that much talent, the Spurs have no time to waste putting a capable team around him. 

Wembanyama has already also voiced he's "trying to win a ring ASAP." That mentality is contagious and will spill over to other guys on the roster and in the front office. The excitement from fans is palpable, and when your franchise player is already talking about rings, there's a lot to look forward to. Winning is a skill, and Wembanyama will arrive in the league ready to win. 

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