4 Prospects that could help the Spurs build around Wembanyama in the NBA Draft

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Kris Murray
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. Kris Murray. PF. . Junior, 22.7 yrs. 6'8", 225 lbs. player. 483

Kris Murray isn't as heralded of a prospect as his twin brother Keegan was in the 2022 NBA Draft, but he has cemented his status as a potential first-round candidate after a breakout season for Iowa. Unless the 22-year-old slides on draft night, San Antonio would have to package assets to have a chance of landing him, and he might be worth that sort of investment.

As one of the older and more seasoned players in this class, Murray has a well-defined role heading into the league. He is a reliable spot-up shooter and timely cutter who scores within the natural rhythm of the offense and doesn't command touches. The 6-foot-8 forward can also attack careless closeouts and finish at the rim using methodical north-south drives.

The former Hawkeye should also supply a steady source of event creation thanks to his superb timing in the passing lanes and innate feel for making punctual weakside rotations to furnish ancillary rim protection. Murray is a physical defender who covers threes and fours, and his remarkable length helps him contain dribble penetration and switch onto guards.

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