5 Free Agents the Spurs should avoid at all costs this summer

Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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For the fourth straight year, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves sitting at home watching the playoffs. On the positive side, the Spurs will have more time to focus on what could be an eventful summer for the team. In addition to the NBA Draft Lottery, in which the Spurs have a chance to get the number one pick and select Victor Wembanyama, they could have over $40M in cap space.

Everything hinges on where they land in the draft and who they choose to bring back, but if the Spurs want to, they can be major players this offseason. They could use that cap space to take back unwanted contracts in exchange for more assets. Or, the Spurs could look to sign a top free agent or two this summer. 

This particular crop of free agents may appeal to a team that typically doesn't make big moves over the summer since it features several skilled point guards and centers. Even then, there are a few players that San Antonio would be wise to stay away from. Now, let's look at five free agents that the Spurs should avoid at all costs.