6 offseason trades the Spurs can make to utilize their cap space

Gregg Popovich
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The NBA playoffs are almost here, but for the San Antonio Spurs, their season is already over. That will give them plenty of time to prepare for a pivotal offseason, which begins with the NBA Draft Lottery on May 16th. What happens there will dictate how the Spurs operate this summer and going forward.

If they land the number one pick, the Spurs may choose a more conservative approach by focusing on the short term, allowing them the flexibility to build around Victor Wembanyama. If they pick second or third, however, they may continue strategically taking back unwanted contracts and stockpiling assets.

Considering the Spurs could clear as much as $50M in cap space with few players to spend that money on, San Antonio could add to that stockpile this summer via the trade market. Teams are always looking to get off bad contracts, particularly with a new collective bargaining agreement that is especially harsh on teams over the luxury tax. As a result, several clubs could seek out the Spurs in hopes of making a salary-cutting deal while also giving up assets in the process. Let's take a look at those potential deals.

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