5 Bold Stat predictions for Victor Wembanyama during his rookie season

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages
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After months of anticipation, the San Antonio Spurs were fortunate enough to draft Victor Wembanyama, and he will soon make his NBA debut. When he does, all eyes will be on him, and he will have near-impossible expectations to try and live up to. While the Spurs would undoubtedly welcome another rookie season like Hall of Famer David Robinson's or Tim Duncan's, Wembanyama is an entirely different animal.

He could be worse in some areas and better in others than they were out of the gate. Be that as it may, his success as a rookie will hinge on his health next season. An injury-plagued rookie year will lead to plenty of questions about whether he can withstand an 82-game regular season plus the playoffs.

On the flip side, if he can stay healthy, then odds are he can put up impressive numbers and quiet the trolls that are waiting to pounce on whatever Twitter is going by nowadays. But how good can a healthy Wembanyama be for San Antonio? Will his presence be enough to help the Spurs make the playoffs? And what might his per game number look like during his rookie season in the NBA?

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