4 Spurs players who have one more year to prove they belong

If the San Antonio Spurs don't make meaningful changes to the roster this summer, there are a handful of players who must prove their worth to the team in 2024.
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3. Blake Wesley

San Antonio took a chance on the Notre Dame guard in the 2022 NBA draft. Blake Wesley was a surprising selection, as he was projected to go undrafted. However, San Antonio is known for developing talent, easing any concerns about drafting Wesley. They must have noticed the potential.

The speed and athleticism are eye-opening, but even with these traits, Wesley's production was minimal last season, as he averaged just 6 points per game.

Wesley's minutes were taken away in favor of other role players, which tends to happen to young guys at times. Wesley did have some good moments, but he is still nowhere near start-able. Now he has his work cut out for him this upcoming season and will need to make a major leap in production.

It will not get any easier for Wesley with San Antonio currently in a position to acquire or draft new talent. This could create a battle for minutes for players like Wesley. Or, it could be just the opposite, thanks to Coach Gregg Popovich's coaching style. It is rare, outside of Wembanyama, that Popovich gives rookies a lot of minutes in their first year.

As a result, Wesley, being further solidified for the team, could have an edge in terms of playing time. The talent is there; Wesley just has to put it all together soon.