4 reasons Jeremy Sochan must come off the bench next season

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports
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3.) There are spacing concerns with starting Sochan

Starting Sochan might give the Spurs a boost on the defensive end, given his range. Last season, he defended multiple positions, sometimes in the same game. That is obviously very useful, but with Tre Jones expected to start, San Antonio should be mindful of spacing.

With the Spurs likely to start big with Wembanyama playing the four and Collins at the five, some have suggested playing Sochan at the three instead of Keldon Johnson. Johnson has had his shooting struggles, to be sure, but he is a better shooter than Sochan. He was also the team's leading scorer last season, meaning he is certain to draw more defensive attention than Sochan.

To Sochan's credit, he has been working on improving his jumper, but if he doesn't show much, then teams will likely ignore both him and Jones to load up against Wembanyama. Having Collins, who can hit threes, helps, but starting two non-shooters isn't something the Spurs should do. Instead, having Sochan sub in for Collins as well as Devonte Graham for Jones after the first six minutes of each half would allow the team to keep at least four shooters on the floor.