4 fringe Spurs players that deserve another shot next season

After missing the playoffs for a fifth straight year, the San Antonio Spurs' roster may see plenty of upheaval, but they should consider keeping these players.
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1) Devonte Graham

The Spurs will soon have to make a decision on point guard Devonte Graham, who has a non-guaranteed contract worth $12.6 million for next season. At first glance, it would seem like an easy decision for the team to decline his option, which would make him a free agent and save them $9.8 million in salary.

However, it may not be that clear-cut. His guarantee date comes on June 30th, and if the Spurs want to make a big trade, his larger expiring contract could be useful in doing so. Although they can technically waive him and have up to $25 million in cap space, the Spurs may opt not to use their cap space.

Particularly with rumors that they aren't planning to trade for a star such as Trae Young and may instead try to build slowly. That is probably dependent on whether they end up with the Raptors' pick, where their own pick lands and if they draft a point guard. Two top-10 picks might incentivize them to stay the course and may actually bode well for Graham, with the Spurs potentially holding onto him and his contract to use as a trade chip later.

That might not result in an increase in playing time next season, though he does provide the team with an offensive option off the bench. While he only shot 30.1% from three last season, he has been an above-average, high-volume 3-point shooter over the course of his career. A more consistent role could lead to more consistent results for Graham.