3 Spurs stats that will surprise NBA casuals next season

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Spurs fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for this day as if we can hear the tick of a clock counting down every second to October 24th, the tip-off of the 2023-24 NBA season. As we get closer, it’s time to start getting into the rabbit hole of predictions, so here are three stat predictions for the San Antonio Spurs 2023-24 season.

1.) Tre Jones averages over 8 assists per game

The former Blue Devil point guard led the way in the playmaking column for the silver and black this year with 6.6 assists per game while also being eighth in the league on the assist-to-turnover ratio leaderboard. Jones has always thrived in the ability to create shots for his teammates underneath the basket, and didn’t someone mention something about a generationally talented center who stands at seven foot five coming into the team next year? 

Is it too much to believe that Victor Wembanyama will take Jones’ playmaking abilities to the next level this season? The floor spacing will increase now that the Spurs have that big who can stretch the floor from beyond the arc. If coach Pop attempts to put Wembanyama at the four with Zach Collins at the five, it allows Jones to create shots for both bigs underneath pick-and-roll screens as well as on the attack to the basket, where the six-foot-one guard does a lot of his primary work. 

Last but not least, Tre has already proven how he can find the open man off the dribble; we saw a consistency of this trait the previous year, especially when finding guys in the corner, such as Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson. 

Jones just earned himself a new two-year twenty million dollar contract. In his first year under the terms, Spurs fans should be looking for a leap in his ability to play make for this up-and-coming squad.

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