3 Spurs who have been pleasant surprises to start the season

Despite the San Antonio Spurs' recent 15-game losing streak, key players have shone brightly throughout this NBA season. Discover the standout performances driving the Spurs forward amidst their challenging run.
San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans
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1. Tre Jones

Tre Jones has been the consummate professional thus far this season, and he should be commended for doing so. Throughout the offseason and into this regular season, there have been questions about Jones’ ability at point guard and if he can be the guy at the position moving forward. There have been some doubts—just look at Jeremy Sochan at point guard—but through all this, Jones has been consistent.

He’s the most consistent point guard the team has. He can distribute, he doesn’t get flustered when handling the ball, and the offense has cohesion when he’s on the floor.

Jones is averaging 23.9 minutes per game this season, down five minutes per game from last season, but his assist numbers have not suffered significantly, averaging 5.1 per game this season, down from 6.6 last season. Per 36 minutes, Jones averages 7.5 assists per game, which is a more than serviceable number from a point guard. His 5.1 assists per game lead the Spurs this season.

Sochan appears to be more comfortable in his natural position. This creates a logjam for the Spurs, and Coach Pop wants to maximize the talent on the floor at one time. As the Spurs have not had much continuity of late, it’s clear that it’s time to change things up to try to provide a spark for the team.

Tre Jones inserted into the starting point guard role will provide that spark. His hard work this season and ability to adapt to whatever role the team needs show Jones is willing to do what it takes to be part of what the Spurs are building in San Antonio.