3 San Antonio Spurs with the most to prove this season

There are varying perceptions about some of the San Antonio Spurs players. Here's what people are saying leading into the 2023 NBA season.
Tre Jones
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2. Devin Vassell

The new money man just got a five-year extension. There will always be certain expectations when a team signs a player to a new deal worth over $100 million. Growth has been the name of the game for Vassell and while Spurs fans are aware of the talent burgeoning in the Midrange Messiah, most NBA fans are unaware, making them downright disrespectful.

It is not Devin Vassell's fault the Spurs had virtually no nationally televised games to showcase his talent. It is not his fault he suffered an injury that kept him out of more than half the games. He cannot control those factors, but the tide is changing. With 19 games set for the national TV this year, Vassell can show the world his bag is deeper than the closet space in a Narnia book.