3 ripple effects of blockbuster Raptors-Knicks trade on Spurs

The Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks agree to a trade with potentially major implications for the San Antonio Spurs.

Victor Wembanyama, OG Anunoby
Victor Wembanyama, OG Anunoby / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Nobody knows how to shake up a slow news day like the NBA. Trades resonate across multiple teams, affecting not only the immediate stakeholders but also having reverberating implications for others in the league. The recent blockbuster trade between the Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks has set a seismic shift in motion. For the San Antonio Spurs, seemingly distant from the trade's epicenter, the fallout from this exchange holds intriguing implications.

With a top-6-protected draft pick in the balance, the Spurs watch intently as the effects of this deal cascade across the NBA landscape. The potential impact on their draft strategy, roster dynamics, and future moves looms large as they navigate the aftermath of this transaction and the nuanced consequences of the Raptors-Knicks trade.

3. Protecting the pick

The Raptors have not been good this year. They are 12-19 and have lost seven of their last ten games. With the potential to get worse always there their safeguarded top-6-protected pick seems less secure now. Immanuel Quickley's departure from the Knicks hints at a potential uplift for the Raptors, especially in tandem with Scottie Barnes, a linchpin in Toronto's future. This dynamic duo could steer the Raptors away from the lower echelons of the league standings, securing the Spurs' pick in the upcoming draft.

While the Spurs were likely confident with their protected pick due to the Raptors' ongoing struggles, Quickley's relocation alters the equation. The Spurs had been involved in rumors suggesting the team was eyeing Quickley as a possible acquisition, and his sudden absence now prompts the team to reevaluate their draft strategies. With Quickley off the trade table, the Spurs may have to draft a guard rather than obtain one who has already shown he can play in the NBA.

This trade's effect, reshaping both the Raptors' and Knicks' prospects, indirectly shapes the Spurs' future draft maneuvers. San Antonio may have been able to focus elsewhere in the draft had they been able to acquire the former Kentucky guard. Now, Quickley's relocation looms large as the Spurs navigate their draft strategies amid these shifting dynamics.