Recent report almost guarantees Spurs receive extra 2024 1st round pick

The San Antonio Spurs are on track for another high pick, but surprising news may ensure they receive not one but two top-10 picks in 2024.
Victor Wembanyama, Jakob Poeltl
Victor Wembanyama, Jakob Poeltl / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs are currently among the worst teams in the NBA, but Spurs fans likely aren't just checking the league standings to see where they could select in the 2024 Draft. With the Silver and Black also owning a top-six-protected Toronto Raptors pick this season and next, fans are probably actively rooting against the Raptors. That is with the hope that Toronto will win enough games to keep them from being one of the worst teams in the NBA.

They currently have the eighth-worst record in the league, though they could soon move down to seventh with Ja Morant back for the Memphis Grizzlies. With the Raptors teetering on the cusp of keeping their pick or giving it up to the Spurs, a surprising new report sheds light on Toronto's game plan going forward.

Why the Raptors' game plan should be music to the Spurs' ears.

According to Raptors beat writer Michael Grange, the Raptors are uninterested in a full teardown and plan to retool around rising star Scottie Barnes. That suggests that they may not trade Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby for expiring contracts and picks. Instead, they may be looking for more win-now pieces.

It is an odd development since they would likely be giving up a top-10 pick by going this route, but who are Spurs fans to look a potential gift dinosaur in the mouth? Were the Raptors to opt against bottoming out, then San Antonio could very well have two top-10 picks in the 2024 Draft.

Considering they are expected to finish with the second-worst record for a second straight season, that would be a welcome development. Moreover, San Antonio could be in a prime position to land a much-needed starting point guard and another future starter.

That could make several players on the roster potentially expendable, but that will largely depend on where the Spurs pick ends up and whether the Raptors intend not to do a full rebuild, as Grange reports. If San Antonio ends up with a top-3 pick and the Raptors pick conveys, then they could look much different and hopefully better heading into next season.