3 Realistic trade destinations where the Spurs can send Reggie Bullock

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3. New York Knicks

The Knickerbockers made a surprising run to the NBA Playoffs after star point guard Jalen Brunson had a dominant season for their squad. Despite their subpar shooting from distance, they made up for it by crashing the offensive glass and generating second-chance opportunities for their offense. New York still has room for improvement and a handful of first-rounders to get a trade done.

Evan Fournier should have been a reliable shooter for them, but he only made 30.7% of his three-point attempts last season. With a team option in the final year of his contract essentially turning it into an expiring deal, the Knicks should have no trouble moving him for players who are better fits for their roster. He also has a French connection with Victor Wembanyama that San Antonio could use to make their franchise cornerstone feel even more at home.

There's a scenario where San Antonio sends Cedi Osman and Reggie Bullock to the Knicks for Evan Fournier. New York could also send a first-round pick to sweeten the pot. New York gets their three-point shooters, and the Spurs stockpile more draft assets without sacrificing long-term financial flexibility. Bullock also feels like a Tom Thibodeau type of player, a gritty defensive wing who isn't afraid to do the dirty work.

San Antonio has several ways to tackle the trade market with expiring contracts that can net them additional rebuilding assets, and fans should expect them to receive plenty of phone calls between now and the trade deadline. The Spurs have endless routes to explore this season, which is a fantastic problem to have with such a promising young team.